Product Management 2.0: A Growth Story

On October 26th, 2016, I posted to Medium my thoughts and challenges switching from growth hacking to product management. The post had more success than I could have expected so I thought I’d finally link to it from on my own blog. Here’s a preview:

Product Management 2.0: A Growth Story

Are product roadmaps still relevant? How should product managers prioritize features or improvements? Can product management learn anything from the growth hacking movement?

After 4 years of doing growth hacking, I recently made the switch to full-time product management by joining both the Firefox Sync and Accounts teams.

As a reminder, growth is a combination of product and marketing so I thought “hey, this is going to be a breeze.”

The Early Struggle

It turns out that transitioning from growth to product hasn’t been as easy as I would have thought.

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